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Products - Tools, Shears & Appliances - Turbo Power
Ocean Salon System - Tools, Shears & Appliances - Turbo Power
Ocean Salon System - Tools, Shears & Appliances - Turbo Power
Turbo Power was the first company to introduce the turbo hair dryer to the salon professional. Since their introduction we have produced newer, more powerful styling tools. Today, our product lines also include curling and straight irons, diffusers, hair brushes and so much more. If you are as serious about your work as we are, then Turbo Power is your only choice for professional styling tools.
Quality is the characteristic evident in all Turbo Power products. It is the primary feature built into every professional product we manufacture.

In fact, body and face applicators, wax warmers, facial cream, muslin strips, and other waxing products are available from the Depileve Wax line. If you want the best waxing products at affordable prices then you will buy the Depileve Wax products.

scover the experience of owning a TurboPower Professional Dryer. Hand-crafted motors with up to 2000 hours working operation and powerful 100 watt output. Heaters with double wound, manually fitted elements with an unlimited life and stability guarantee. Turbo power tools are fitted with the most reliable safety thermostat.

• Durability, all Turbo Power Professional dryers have high performance
   AC motors and are designed to operate trouble free for a minimum of 2000 hours.
• Silence, from the disturbance free, quiet motor.
• Balance, with no vibration from the tool.
• Ergonomic and anatomically designed handle allows the user freedom of movement
• Light weight helps to prevent user fatigue
• Controls, switches designed for heavy duty use.
• Consistency in the high level of quality in each tool

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