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Dennis Bernard FHG Fine Hair Gel

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Fine Hair Gel (FHG) has been formulated specifically for fine hair. FHG is a weightless gel that goes on wet or dry hair for total style control. FHG is excellent for blow drying into the hair for maximum fullness or air drying to give the style a wet look. Plant Extracts keep the hair supple while eliminating frizz and Aloe serves to soothe the scalp. FHG will define, smooth, spike or scrunch fine hair while retaining color and shine.


  • Thickens fine hair
  • Increases shine
  • 24 hour hold
  • Washes out easily
  • Paraben free


Contained in FHG's formula is a natural hydrating form of Vitamin B and Panthenol. Panthenol thickens each strand of hair adding an abundance of shine and texture while reducing split ends. FHG contains moisturizing plant extracts such as Sage, Nettle, Rosemary and Aloe that keep the hair pliable and conditioned without adding weight or flaking.


On towel dried hair, apply small amount to palm of hand, rub palms together to liquefy, work evenly through hair, style as desired. For a wet look, apply a small amount to the palm of hand and rub palms togetherto liquefy. Work evenly through hair, style as desired and let dry naturally. Add more as needed.

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