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REF Father's Day Duo

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1 Hair & Body Shampoo 
1 Sculpting Gel

Hair & Body

A unique product that cleanses both hair and body. Organic oils from Almond, Montana and Camelina with Arnica Extract helps protect and soften hair, scalp and skin. Is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, suitable for sensitive skin and scalps.

Best recommended for:

All hair and skin types. Excellent duo product to bring to the gym or when travelling.

Key ingredients:

A blend of nutritious oils from Almond, Montana and Camelina with deeply soothing properties from Arnica Extract.

Sculpting Gel
A multitasking gel that provides a flexible hold, texture, and shine. Can be used in both dry and damp hair but too much water can make the product lose its definition and hold.

Best Recommended For:
All hair types.

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