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May 13th 1:00 EST
It's Raining Men
Prorituals is not just for the ladies, we have a lineup of products to make men’s styling, cutting and scalp health a part of their daily ritual. Let’s dive into creating comforting and educating salon sessions for your male clients with our educator Trace McKain
Zoom ID: 885 7368 3141
Password: 071459

June 10th 2:00pm EST
First-Class Treatment
Discuss the best practices for upgrading services and elevating the salon experience for your guests. Utilize all Prorituals has to offer by creating a VIP experience your guests will never forget, all while selling products/ services in the process!
Zoom ID: 846 4978 2771
Password: 279854

July 15th 1:00 EST
The Business of Hair
Education Coordinator and Lead Artist Sami Haberkorn will walk you through the importance of tracking services, retail sales, and the strategic approach to raising prices in the salon industry. Gain insights into how effective tracking can enhance overall business success and learn about smart pricing strategies for increased profitability and client satisfaction.
Zoom ID: 873 0086 0735
Password: 206481