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Dennis Bernard SCS Straight N' Curl Serum

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Straight N’ Curl Serum (SCS) variable action formula gives you the option to create smooth straight hair or hair with curl and movement. On all hair types, SCS gives you control & shine. It seals & strengthens the outer layer of the hair shaft (cuticle) reducing frizz and providing ultimate protection against the elements.

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Smooths & straightens
Curves & curls
Increases shine
Seals cuticles & reduces frizz
Protects against heat & the elements
Paraben free

Emu Oil contains Vitamins A & E, linolenic, Omega fatty acids & Oleic acids which provides deep-penetrating moisture for hair & scalp. Buriti Fruit Oil maintains
elasticity, revitalizes dry hair & fights frizz.


To achieve smooth straight hair, work small amounts of SCS onto sections of damp hair and style with a blow dryer. Small amounts can also be applied to dry hair before using a flat iron. To achieve curl & movement on straight hair, work small amounts of SCS throughout towel dried hair, coax curl and movement into place while styling with a diffuser. On curly hair, work small amounts into hands, distribute evenly through towel dried hair, liquefy, and scrunch/style as usual. On dry hair, place small amount into hands, rub together and apply to ends. Great fix for flyaway hair

Available Sizes: 4 oz. l 12 oz. w/Pump

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