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Dennis Bernard TCS The Color Stain Remover

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The Color Stain Remover (TCS) is a technologically advanced all natural barrier cream used before applying hair color to protect the hairline from staining. This dual-purpose formula can also be used afterwards to remove excess color from skin, clothing, equipment, work surfaces and color embedded in nail cuticles.

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Use before coloring as a barrier to protect skin from staining. It will not block the color process.
After color, use a damp towel to remove excess color from skin, work surfaces and clothing
Gentle on the skin and scalp
Will not irritate skin

  • Dual-Action formula - use BEFORE AND AFTER color for unsurpassed results

  • Gentle on the skin and scalp, Will not irritate skin

  • BEFORE COLORING, always apply hairline and Other skin surfaces to prevent staining

  • AFTER COLORING, use a wet soft cloth as The Color Stain Remover (TCS) is water activated to remove any color that may be left on skin surfaces

  • Can also be used on clothing, work surfaces and floors

  • Will not block color process

Do you know that the majority of stylists do not like the stain remover they use? Unless, of course, they are using POWERTOOLS TCS then they love it! High nape hairlines are no longer a problem as TCS can be applied directly to the scalp and neck areas to avoid staining. Clients with very thin hair can have TCS applied directly to their scalp to avoid staining without having to worry about the color not taking on the hair. Stylists can apply it to their hands and nails to avoid staining if their gloves tear. lt's great for removing stains beyond color such as ballpoint pen ink from the skin, clothes and work surfaces.

PROFITABLE TIP: A lot of men do not like to color their facial hair because of the stain hair color leaves behind. Apply TCS directly around and into the facial hair. Be sure that TCS covers the skin underneath. Process the color as usual for a stain free end result. Happy clients are profitable clients!

DISPENSING INSTRUCTIONS: Shake the TCS bottle immediately before using. Apply TCS to a piece of cotton or towel and apply directly to skin surfaces i.e. hairlines, scalp, etc. that you wish to protect. If the client has dry skin, apply TCS a second time. When removing color from clothes, apply TCS to a damp towel and blot stain above and below fabric, then blot away with a clean wet towel. On old stains such as work stations and floors put TCS directly on stain and let sit overnight, next morning wipe away with a damp hot towel.

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