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La Brasiliana Dieci All-in-One Hair Treatment

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Dieci All-in-One Hair Treatment is an Instant Keratin treatment that last from shampoo to shampoo. Dieci. A temporary solution for frizz and uncontrollable hair. A wonderful product with great results. Shampoo and towel dry hair, Spray in Dieci and work into the hairstyle to your desired look. Dieci’s role is to penetrate hair and strengthen its structure. Excellent anti-static and detangler.

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Product information

An instant hair treatment that is a...
  1. Colour sealer
  2. Curtails hair breakage
  3. Detangles hair
  4. Eliminates split ends
  5. Enhances shine
  6. Enhances body
  7. Frizz eliminator
  8. Nourishes dry damaged hair
  9. Promotes silkiness
  10. Thermal protector

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