3 Placement Techniques for Curl Highlights

Brightening curls is a strategic process, but we’re here to make it easier. Try these three tips to maintain internal depth while creating brightness—plus formulas for controlling warmth for the perfect honey blonde.

Strategic Placement: 2 Different Ways To Section To Maintain Brightness

1. Use Zigzag Partings Near the Hairline
Before toning, use a zigzag parting to section off the front hairline. Then, tone the rest of the head and save the hairline application for the last 15 minutes of processing. Right around the face is usually where people have natural highlights, so when she pulls her hair back, it’s going to be lighter, and when she wears her hair, down it’s going to be lighter.

2. Apply Toner Using A “V” Shape In The Back:
To create a focal point of brightness, paint the toner deeper in the middle of the section; then tap and feather the product to the outsides of the section on the retightened portions. This customization will create brightness while maintaining internal depth, allowing the contrast to give those bright pieces some extra pop.

Pro Tip: When lifting the hair, apply lightener in the same pattern. You can see the highlights are higher on the outside, drop in the middle, and are higher on the other side. Be very purposeful where you are placing everything.


3. Consider Level of Lift When Toning
Whenever you hear the term honey blonde. balanced beige comes to mind. When toning to our desired end result, it’s important to consider not just our toner formula, but also our level of lift. You control how warm that balanced beige is with your underlying or contributing pigment.

Some choose to lift their customers to Level 9 versus a Level 10, leaving yellow pigment in the hair and allowing Jeannetta to control the underlying warmth with formulation. Click the beaker below to get her formulas!


Source: Modern Salon