Hacks to Help You Protect Your Customers' Scalps When Bleaching

As a professional stylist, you're no stranger to the transformative power of a global bleach out. Whether it's laying the foundation for vivid fashion colors or achieving that dreamy, platinum blonde, mastering the art of bleaching is essential. However, with great power comes great responsibility—particularly when it comes to scalp and hair health. Here are some invaluable tips and tricks to ensure you're not just delivering stunning results, but also protecting your client's scalp and hair integrity during the bleaching process.

4 Tips For Protecting The Delicate Hairline

  1. Low and Slow Lightening Technique: When working with the inch of hair off the hairline, remember the mantra: low and slow. Opt for a gentler lightener and a cautious approach to preserve the hair's health.

  2. Harmonious Application: Align your application technique with the natural flow of the hairline. Avoid aggressive painting or unnatural directions that can lead to damage.

  3. Strategic Sectioning at the Front Hairline: Isolate the finer hairs at the front and treat them last. These hairs develop quicker and are more prone to damage, so they require special attention.

  4. Use of Cotton Barriers: Place cotton pieces between sections. This simple yet effective barrier prevents over-saturation and the dreaded over-development.

4 Sectioning Hacks For An Even Lift

  1. Quadrant Methodology: Begin by applying lightener in the back quadrants. This strategy allows for an easier rinse of these sections while the front continues to develop.

  2. Varying Developer Strength: Use a higher developer for the bulk of the hair, but still adhere to the low and slow principle. Remember, slower lifting preserves the natural look of the blonde.

  3. Precision in Application: Be meticulous, especially near the line of demarkation, to avoid overlapping and over-processing.

  4. Pro Tip – Anti-Swell Lightener: Choose lighteners designed to minimize swelling and movement during development. This ensures more precise and controlled lightening.

  5. Rotational Quadrant Start: Alternate the starting quadrant with each appointment to ensure consistent processing times and even lightener exposure.

3 Pre-Appointment Tips for Platinum Clients

  1. Skip Scalp Exfoliation: Advise clients against exfoliating their scalp before their appointment. Exfoliation can increase scalp sensitivity, making it more susceptible to irritation from the lightening chemicals.

  2. No Hair Washing On The Day: Clients should avoid washing their hair on the day of the appointment. Natural oils can help protect the scalp during the bleaching process.

  3. Consistent Scheduling: Encourage regular appointments to avoid excessive regrowth, which can lead to uneven lifting and color banding.

Remember that a well-executed bleach out is not just about achieving the perfect shade of blonde; it's also about maintaining the integrity of the hair and scalp. Your clients trust you with their hair, and these tips will help you honor that trust with every bleach out session.