2024 Year of the Bob. 3 Trending Bob Cuts to Watch Our for!

2024 Is The Year of The Bob. Sharpen your scissors, bestie—everyone’s cutting their hair into a bob. While the bob haircut has been a resident cool-girl staple we also have others to watch out for:

The “Old Money” Bob:

Old Money, Quiet Luxury, Expensive—what does this actually mean in our approach to a haircut? Key elements: A soft, swishy bob with a strong, refined perimeter and minimal external layering. Timeless and simple in shape, styling is key: Finish with a cushioned, voluminous blowout that exudes subtle sophistication.


The ’90s Bob

After a year or two of ’90s supermodel layers, the natural trend progression led us to a blown-out glamour bob á la Christy Turlington. Worn with a strong parting, and beveled blowout, we’d argue that styling this bob is as equally important as the cut.

Strong Shape: The signature strong shape makes the hair appear fuller, combined with a soft, blunt perimeter and intentional texturizing. Add flair with dramatic side parts, middle parts or paired with fringe. Whether jaw-skimming or grazing above the collar bone, this cut elongates the neck for natural elegance
Creating the cut is half the battle: Styling and creating “the bend” is key to enhancing the signature bevel without losing volume at the crown.


Soft & Contoured: From Midlength Lobs to Micro Bobs

Let’s step out of the buzzy “client terms” for this one—because, well it’s a bob. From midlength collarbone-grazing lobs to jaw and cheekbone-skimming micro bobs, it’s your job as the professional to tell the client what’s most suitable. Your consultation will make or break this service, so scroll for a few quick tips and advice for bob first-timers.