MOB Luna Tips with Emily Muhlbauer
Luna Tips

MOB Luna Lightening System

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Magic Sleek Before and After 
Before & After

Magic Sleek "The Next Generation" Tutorial

Magic Sleek Traditional Treatment How To 
How To Instructional

MOB Hair Extensions Look & Learn with Emily Jones
MOB Look & Learn

MOB Gaia Collection Hair Extensions Introduction

MOB Gaia Collection

REF "CoCre8" Seamless Layering with Christopher Dove & John Simpson

Seamless Layering

Prorituals Power Platinum 9 & Metallics Color with William Whatley
Platinum 9 & Metallics

REF "Men's Curly Perm" with Artistic Team member Nicole Coil
Men’s Curly Texture

REF  "CoCre8"  "Model Bob" with Christopher Dove & John Simpson
Model Bob Cut

REF "Style & Care Features & Benefits" with International Artist Jesse Marcks
Style & Care Features & Benefits

REF Soft Demi Permanent Colour & Direct Colour
Soft Demi Permanent & Direct Colour

REF Permanent Colour
Permanent Colour

REF Hair Care Line
Hair Care Line

REF Lightener with Proplex
Lightener with Proplex

Prorituals "Dry Cutting Techniques" with William Whatley
Dry Cutting Techniques

Prorituals "Blonding & Toning" with Andrea Harbison
Blonding & Toning

Prorituals "Gels to Cream" with Jeffery James
Gels to Cream

Prorituals "Great Grey Coverage" with Daniel Rivera 
Great Grey Coverage

 REF "Curly Cut & Style" with Tara Riteris 
Curly Cut & Style

 REF "CoCr8" "Versatile Interiors" with Christopher Dove & John Simpson 
Versatile Interiors

 REF "Power of High Lifts" with Jesse Marcks 
Power of High Lifts

REF "Spring Trends" with Jody Erickson 
Spring Trends

REF Permanent Colour with Jesse Marcks 
Permanent Colour

REF "Pixie Cut" with Anthony Edge 
Pixie Cut