Stylists! Keep Your Clients Coming Back

What distinguishes a drop-in visitor from a devoted customer for life? In a word, everything. In order to generate a consistent income stream and develop your salon business based on the specialized services that make you stand out, client retention is essential. It's time to prove to a client that you're worth their money as soon as they sit in your chair.

1. Establish trust with your clients
Interest in their concerns is key, ask if there’s one thing you could change about your hair, what would it be? (they love that) Ask this very often—as people evolve, stay with you and grow with you, they are going to want to change.

But sometimes they are afraid to make that change or ask for that change, because they feel like they might offend you. It’s really quite [the opposite], we want to make sure that they’re happy, but they will hold back if you don’t ask them.

2. Establish a schedule for their subsequent appointment.
How can you make a first-time visitor into a devoted customer? Consider more than just the initial service and demonstrate your long-term commitment to their hair. The best advice is to establish a plan during your meeting so that you can keep your clients coming back. At that session, we can offer them the look they desire, but keeping them interested to return simply entails giving them ideas for their upcoming attire. They'll return for that at all times.

3. Make your chair a "wow" moment.
Offer them 10 times more than I anticipate to receive back. They will always return if you offer them a 'wow' experience and fill their cup to overflowing. Despite the fact that it frequently is, it's not always about the hair. Because you're also establishing a space for people to come back to, it's also about how kind and kind you are to your visitors.

How do you create an environment clients want to come back to? Write down a list. If you’re struggling to cultivate that ‘wow’ experience, what extra steps can you take to add value to their overall experience in your chair?

4. For Your Loyal clients: Avoid this common mistake…
Oftentimes with our longest, most loyal clients, we tend to [say], ‘Oh, hey how are you? Are we doing the same thing today?’ versus when we have a new client, we’re consulting, we’re putting on lipstick, we’re really. Treat them like it’s a first date. Remember to take care of the people and make them feel special every single time they come to you, clients who have been with you the longest deserve it!

5. Set realistic expectations and educate clients
Be real with results, and real with what their expectations are on what you can achieve. So, also educating them on the ‘why’ of the answer that you’re giving them about any particular subject.

6. Show clients that you care
Sounds simple. Doing it with Love!

7. Find ways to make connections with clients
At the end of the day, if you vibe with a client and they love your work, it’s easier to keep them. People that are really attracted to your vibe and your energy will keep coming back for you, so always bring your best energy to work!