Brocato Mousse Volumizing Foam

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Brocato Mousse

Mousse Volumizing Foam

What is Mousse Volumizing Foam?

A rich, lathery mousse that creates visual texture, spectacular shine and firm, yet moveable hold.

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When is Mousse Volumizing Foam used?

Shampoo and condition hair with a Brocato regimen of choice. Towel dry hair and apply mousse as needed.

What makes Mousse Volumizing Foam unique?

Its an exceptional volumizer with a powerful hold.

Key ingredients include:

Brocatos Blended Protein Attraction System Penetrates the hair shaft to thicken, moisturize and condition.

Humectant for moisture.

Vitamin B (Panthenol)
Adds strength.

How is it used:

Shake well; apply a small amount into palm for short to medium hair, more for long hair. Work through from roots to ends. Style as desired.

The Blendable Options:
For an shinier hold
Mousse Volumizing Foam with Shine Drops

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