Always wear gloves while performing the STRAIGHTLINES Smoothing Treatment

STEP 1. Shake the 4Bond STRAIGHTLINES Smoothing Treatment vigorously and pour into a plastic bowl (non-metallic). Let treatment aerate for 10-15 minutes prior to application. 1.5+ oz of solution is recommended per application depending on length of hair.

STEP 2. Cleanse hair with a Clarifying Shampoo that removes build-up. IMPORTANT Rinse, and repeat cleansing a second time. RECOMMENDATION: smartSOLUTIONS CDS, Clarifying Demineralizing Shampoo.

STEP 3. Roughly towel dry hair. Comb and detangle hair using a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb. Using medium heat, blow dry hair. You may use a vent brush or your fingers.

FULL SERVICE: 100% dry hair

STEP 4. Part hair into 5 sections. Always start at nape of neck. Beginning with first subsection, use a tint brush, grab a 1/4" parting of hair and begin to apply 4Bond STRAIGHTLINES Smoothing Treatment approximately 1/4" away from the root (avoid product on scalp). Comb through subsection removing excess treatment. Move to next 1/4" parting and comb through on top of previously saturated portion (no additional product needed). Applying product to every other parting, so as not to over saturate hair. With the completion of each section (1 thru 5), using a fine tooth comb, comb product through hair from root to end. Move to next section (1 thru 5), repeat application process until root to end coverage is achieved throughout entire head. We recommend using 1/2 oz of 4Bond STRAIGHTLINES Smoothing Treatment per 15 inches of hair. Take caution not to over saturate hair with product.

FULL SERVICE: Upon application completion, process hair for 30-45 minutes. Rinse leaving a small amount of residue in hair.

STEP 5. Perform a meticulous blow out. Use medium heat to blow dry with high hair flow. Divide hair into 5 sections and begin to blow dry using fingers until about 80% dry. Then blow dry hair using a vent or round brush until the hair is 100% dry and smooth. Lightly mist the 4Bond PROEXTEND Service Extender throughout hair. Follow with flat iron 193°- 210° C (380°- 410° F).

STEP 6. Flat Iron 1/8" subsections starting at the nape of the neck. Begin smoothing hair from root to end with a hot tool and/or iron, being mindful of scalp sensitivity. How many passes of the hot tool and/or iron will depend on density of hair. Delicate or fine hair may get silky and sealed with less passes at 162° C (325° F). Hair should have a silky, shiny and sealed look with the fewest amount of passes.

Suggested Hot Tool & Iron Passes

FULL SERVICE: Fine Hair 6-8 x, Thick Hair 10-12 x

Hair can be washed the same day as service, however, for best results we recommend waiting at least 24 hours.