Delyton Benefits and Instructions

delyTON Advanced is the innovative ammonia-free “tone on tone” treatment color enriched with Phyto Conditioning Complex to color every kind of hair with delicacy and with a full shine reflex.

Phyto Conditioning Complex is an exclusive vegetal bio-lipid complex that penetrates the capillary fiber, creating a highly resistant molecular structure with the keratin. This improves the hydration and elasticity of the hair. The natural active ingredients guarantee scalp protection and provide exceptional softness to the hair.

Silk Proteins delicately penetrate the hair giving it an enviable softness while reinforcing from the inside which leaves the hair protected and hydrated.

Exclusive pigments bind tenaciously to hair fibers ensuring a perfect color balance for all the desired reflections. The color will be more intense and brilliant with optimal coverage of the first white hair.

Benefits and Results of delyTON Advanced

  • Ammonia free = delicate color
  • Phyto Conditioning Complex = scalp and hair protection
  • Silk Proteins = hair softness and wellness
  • Exclusive and innovative pigments = gray hair coverage

For an extremely luxurious, translucent shine with a deep, rich color, delyTON is the perfect demi[1]permanent haircolor. delyTon’s deep penetrating Conditioners and Silk proteins work to restructure and even the porosity on damaged hair. These specially formulated proteins restructure the hair from the inside out to maintain perfect condition.

delyTON is a non-progressive, DEPOSIT ONLY haircolor that’s easy to use. delyTON’s non[1]ammonia formula and 47 rich, reflective shades create a perfect tonal balance. delyTON is ideal for non-committal color, toning, color balance and allows for fast color correction.

An ideal haircoloring for gray blending, delyTON will blend even the most resistant gray hair. Men will love the “younger look” without the fear of a noticeably, color-treated regrowth.

Because it’s both gentle and versatile, delyTON will not relax perms or cause unnecessary chemical stress to relaxed hair.


Mix delyTON Advanced with delyTON Advanced Activator 1:2 Example: Squeeze 30ml (1/2 tube) into a plastic bowl and add 60ml of delyTON Activator. Mix to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Apply evenly on not-clean hair from “roots to ends”. Let process for 20 minutes. If the hair is very resistant, process for an additional 5-10 minutes. On permed hair, let it process for a maximum of 15 minutes.

After the application, shampoo the hair with ITELY ACP Shampoo, Purity Design Pure Shampoo or one of ITELY’s new sulfate-free Eudermal Shampoos.

Other fast and versatile usages


 to intensify or change color reflex, let process for 10 minutes.


to tint back to natural color, let process for 20 minutes.

Processing delyTON

Processing recommendations are guidelines. Porosity, previous chemical services and hair texture may affect processing. We always recommend strand-testing to determine ideal formulation and processing time.

Virgin hair                                                    20 minutes

Color-treated hair                                        15-20 minutes

High-lift, color-treated / bleached                10-15 minutes

Permed or relaxed hair                                15 minutes max.

Strand test                                                   After 5 min.

Resistant gray blending                               25-30 minutes