1. Determine the client's hair color level.

If between levels, always formulate to the darker level.

2. Refer to ILLUSIONIST Formulation Chart to determine the highlighting
formula needed.
NOTE: Do not combine creme highlight shades.

3. Measure the recommended scoops of accelerator powder.

Reduce all components in formula by half if a small amount of highlighting mixture is needed. NOTE: 4RV and 4R shades do not require accelerator powder.

4.Apply highlighting mixture to dry hair using an off-the-scalp highlighting method (weaving, slicing or block coloring).


6.To remove highlighting mixture, shampoo with preferred Scruples shampoo. Apply Scruples NO H2O2 No Peroxide, leave on 3 – 5 minutes then rinse. Condition with preferred Scruples conditioner.


1.Determine the client’s natural hair color level.

Base breaking is not recommended for natural levels 1 – 4.

2. Rinse the base break formula between highlights prior to removing foils or color papers to help prevent unwanted toning. Proceed with step 6 in the Highlighting Procedure.