Shadow Low Lighting Gel Hair Color

  • Each gel color contains the proper filler to achieve expert results in a single step.
  • 7 gel colors mix to create 18 lowlight shades.
  • Saves time while creating beautiful, natural looking lowlights
  • Leaves hair conditioned and shiny.
  • SHADOW LOWLIGHTS is part of Scruples’ 3 Dimensional Customized Gel Color System.


-Scruples’ exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) – shields the haircolor molecule and deposits it deep into the hair.

-PBX is a blend of 4 essential ingredients – Mucopolysaccharides, UV Absorbers, Hydrolyzed Proteins and Silicone Conditioners.


Recommended: For optimal color results, clarify the hair with Scruples HAIR CLEARIFIER Deep Cleansing Shampoo and HAIR CLEARIFIER Treatment prior to each color service.

1.Select desired SHADOW LOWLIGHTS shade.

2.Mixing instructions:

  • For a deposit-only formula, use PURE OXI Demi-Permanent Developer.
  • For a blending of natural hair color with previously lightened hair, use PURE OXI 10 Volume Developer.
  1. Process: see processing times.
  2. Rinse color and shampoo hair with preferred Scruples shampoo. Spray with NO H202 No Peroxide, leave on 3 − 5 minutes and rinse. Condition hair with preferred Scruples conditioner.


Test strand is recommended when applying SHADOW LOWLIGHTS to hair that is extremely porous or damaged and has been chemically relaxed, straightened or colored with a non-professional product.  Hair damaged by excessive lightening may not be able to retain  permanent  haircolor  due  to  poor  condition  of  the  hair.  Scruples ER Emergency Repair Conditioner is recommended as a treatment to improve condition of the hair.


Doubling the dye load is an option for achieving maximum color deposit on excessively  lightened hair. The mixing ratio of 2 oz gel color to 1 oz PURE OXI 10 Volume Developer dilutes the 10 volume developer to a working 5 volume developer, allowing double  the  pigment to be deposited.