Blonde hair is delicate and needs more attention and special care. For this reason, ITELY HAIRFASHION research laboratories have formulated the exclusive PLEXTM BOND REPAIR, a new protective technology integrated into all OMB! decolorizing products. Any lightening process could compromise the capillary structure. The result would be weaker hair, which is easily subject to breaking. The innovative PLEXTM BOND REPAIR has been designed to protect and restructure the hair from within. PLEXTM is a complex of precious oils and vegetable butters that protect the hair during the lightening process.



For an additional level of protection, the PLEXTM BOND REPAIR has been added to the BLONDE SEALER, an acidifying milk that balances the pH of skin and hair and stabilizes the hair structure, creating new and stronger capillary bonds between fibers. As a result, the lightened hair becomes healthier and nourished from the inside and ready to receive toners, if necessary.


The 5 BLONDE TONERS are enriched with PLEXTM BOND REPAIR to offer maximum color performance and superior protection of the hair fiber. PLEXTM BOND REPAIR restores bonds, nourishing hair to obtain a bright, long lasting color.