Prior to any chemical service, clarify hair by removing buildup from water impurities, styling products, waxes and medications.


  1. Shampoo with Scruples  HAIR  CLEARIFIER  Deep  Cleansing  Shampoo. Rinse and towel blot.
  1. Clarify with Scruples HAIR CLEARIFIER Treatment to remove oils, waxes, oil-soluble medications and baked-on styling products. Rinse and towel blot.
  1. Proceed with chemical service.
  1. Use Scruples NO  H2O2  No  Peroxide  to  neutralize  peroxide  residue in the hair after a chemical service and simultaneously condition hair. See Post Perm Treatment section.



  • Spongy when wet or breaks easily when dry: DO NOT PERM
  • Dry,   porous   or   lacks   elasticity:   Precondition   with   Scruples   MOISTUREX     Replenishing     Conditioner     or     COMPLETE     RECOVERY Treatment Masque
  • Weak, thin or lacks tensile strength: Precondition with Scruples ER Emergency  Repair  Conditioner  or  COMPLETE  RECOVERY  Treatment Masque



All   hair   types   (except   resistant,   thick   and   coarse   hair):   Recommended pre-wrap with Scruples QUICK RECOVERY Leave-In Conditioner or WHITE TEA Leave-In Miracle Foam Conditioner to  equalize  porosity  and  ensure  even  penetration  of  the  waving  solution. 



  1. Perm and neutralize hair according to directions.
  1. Rinse and towel blot hair.
  1. Spray NO H2O2 No Peroxide into hair and comb blend.
  1. After 3 – 5 minutes, rinse hair thoroughly, towel blot and style as desired.