Apply evenly on desired area using a comb or a tint brush. Gloves or protective wear should be used during application process. Leave on hair to set approximately 15 minutes. Medium heat may be used with a dryer cap
for up to 15-20 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes for deeper color penetration results. Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry.


• Long-lasting direct dye

• No Ammonia

• No Peroxide

• No PPD

• No Resorcinol

• Acidic PH

• Paraben - Free

• Cruelty - Free

• Vegan

TIPS: Pre lighten with PRORITUALS Power Platinum 9 OR BlueLight Lightening Powder to a level 10 for maximum intensity. Use CLEAR to lighten and brighten any shade. Use WHITE to create pastels


When customizing a color using ProPigment 2.0, begin with CLEAR or WHITE as your base and add your chosen color to this. If you start with the color and add base you will end up with far too much product. ProPigment 2.0 has a heavy dye load, so keep this in mind as you mix your colors.

To create a pastel, add your chosen color to WHITE. To dilute a color and create a lighter shade add your chosen color to CLEAR. This process will not only save you time and money, but it will help create less waste, with unlimited options of customization.