Resistant - Full Cycle pH 8.5 

A buffered alkaline perm with the strength that those resistant clients need. Full Cycle minimizes the possibility of alkaline damage and reduces cuticle lifting by using dryer heat to process rather than a higher percentage of ammonia. Expect a very firm, long-lasting wave pattern that will withstand daily use of thermal appliances or weekly finishing.

  • For use on extremely resistant and resistant (normal and fine) hair. Full Cycle is an excellent choice for coarse, gray, long virgin hair or hair with a glassy, tight cuticle.
  • Not recommended for tinted, fragile, highlighted or double-processed hair
  • Techniques that work well with this perm include Conventional, Spiral, Roller and Reverse perming techniques and those requiring jumbo rods.

Processing guidelines:

Process under preheated, hot dryer. Begin Test Curls at 15 minutes. Average timing is 20-25 minutes.