Fragile - Pliance pH 6.7

Extra gentle perming. A pH of 6.7 means very little cuticle lifting and swelling to keep the hair in great condition. Expect an even wave pattern throughout.

  • For hair types that are fragile tinted, highlighted over 50%, fragile normal, and healthy high lift tinted.
  • Not recommended for hair types that are resistant or double-processed bleached.
  • Works best with Conventional, Crop Top or Beach Wave techniques.

 Processing Guidelines:

Pliance processes with or without heat!
  • For fragile normal hair, process under preheated dryer. Low to Medium heat is all that is necessary.
  • For fragile, colored hair, process at room temperature. If after 10 minutes, If there is no curl formation, apply dryer heat and test curl at 5 minutes.

Begin test curls at 5 minutes, test every 5 minutes thereafter. Rinse when a strong s-curl pattern is achieved. Although gentle, the solution will process hair in as little as 5 minutes or up to 45 minutes as necessary.