Normal - Zone Control pH 7.7

Zone Control takes control of the varying porosities and adjusts to the strength each hair strand needs. Dithio provides stop action when enough bonds have been shifted, avoiding overprocessing. Exothermic heat pumps up the muscle of this acid wave. Expect a soft -but -supportive, even curl formation and volume.

  • For hair types that have multiple porosities, normal, previously permed or highlighted under 50%.
  • Not recommended for hair types that are tinted or double-processed bleached.
  • Techniques that work well with this perm are Conventional, Rod-to-Roller, Crop Top and Spiral.

Processing Guidelines:

 Zone Control processes at room temperature, away from drafts or HVAC vents. This helps to maintain the gentle warmth of the exothermic action.

Begin Test Curls at 20 minutes to prevent heat from escaping from cap. Average processing time 20-25 minutes.

Tips: Since Zone Control is an exothermic perm, bottle "B" and tube "A" need to be at room temperature prior to mixing. Do not mix the solution until ready to apply.