WaterColor Basedrops is the latest in direct-dye technology. This liquid, water-based formula with nano-pigments provide for the ultimate versatility in fashion color creation and maintenance. With a more EXTREME color than our shampoos, Base Drops works on hair as dark as a level 6.

  • Use a little , use a lot! Base Drops puts you in control
  • Apply it full strength to create the most EXTREME fashion colors
  • Mix it into your favorite conditioner to create, tone and refresh hair color
  • Add it to the matching Watercolors Intense Shampoo to increase the intensity of deposit
  • Mix it in with your favorite styling or finishing products to create or refresh multi-colored hair
  • Add it to Watercolors Glossifier for a customized direct-dye refresher
  • Cocktail it with other Watercolors Intense Shampoos to create even more colors
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water to create a soft toning spray