Use it straight from the bottle: For the most EXTREME results, apply Base Drops directly to the hair. Achieve the best deposit and longevity by heating the product and allowing it to cool. Rinse away any residual product.

Mix it in: Base Drops mixes well into any hair product within the 4-7 pH levels. Wearing gloves, dispense your product of choice into your hand, pump in your desired amount of Base Drops, mix it up, apply.

NOTE: Watercolors Shampoos live in the proper pH range for use with Base Drops. Most other shampoos have a higher pH than is recommended.


1-3 Base Drops = A mild flirtation – great for creating a kiss of color or maintaining vibrancy on previously colored hair. Lasts about 1-3 shampoos.

2-6 Base Drops = A short term relationship – deeper color, more intensity, more longevity. Lasts about 10 shampoos.

7+ Base Drops = a committed relationship – deepest, most intense color deposit, semi-permanent longevity. Lasts about 4 weeks or until you remove it.

NOTE: As with any haircolor, porosity is key. Highly porous hair will absorb more color vibrancy and affect longevity. Use Removall Plus Shampoo to erase any residual pigment.