SEMI-PERMANENT DIRECT COLOR based on micro pigments that deposit themselves between the cuticle and the outer layers of the hair fiber.

A PALETTE OF 7 SHADES: use them pure for intense and transgressive looks; mix them together for unexpected plays of color; dilute with CLEAR intensity regulator for ethereal pastel highlights. Do not mix with peroxide. Applied onto bleached hair, subtle or chunky highlights, the result is bright and vibrant color; as if on a blank canvas, you can create kaleidoscopic effects with color. On natural hair (starting from a base 9) it will create surprising highlights. In this case it is recommended to NOT dilute the product with CLEAR.

Duration: from 3 to 20 shampoos.

RESULTS: the intensity of the color can be extremely vibrant or soft and pastel, depending on which shade has been applied, the starting base, how porous the hair is and the quantity of Clear used. The color service leaves the hair extremely luminous and soft. Color fades gradually with washing, without acquiring undesired undertones.

The result can change according to the type of chosen shade, the starting base, the intensity of the color and how porous the hair is.

*The color may last even longer. It depends on the concentration of pigments (if used pure or diluted) and on the condition of the hair.



1 Designed to be applied on bleached or very light hair

2 Total freedom and creativity: intense or pastel shades, all bursting with shine

3 Semi-permanent direct color

4 Unused color can be saved for future application

5 Easy and fast to apply

6 Guaranteed shine and luminosity

7 Bright and vivid highlights that are incredibly long-lasting

8 The product has no bleaching effect

9 It does not require the use of peroxide

10 Does not contain ammonia




Itely Hairfashion laboratories have used micro pigments that can adhere to the outer layers of the hair, deposit themselves between the cuticle and the outer layers of the hair cortex.

These pigments are direct definitives as no oxidizing processes are needed during their application (they do not need to be mixed with oxidizers as traditional dyes do). One must only respect application times.

The delicate formula is enriched with conditioning elements that add extra moisture, shine and silkiness.