Blowpro Damage Control Repairing Shampoo

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Finally, a shampoo that will repair hair and boost its resilience in a single application.

There are plenty of shampoos that promise to repair your hair. damage control daily repairing shampoo protects as well as repairs, maximizing condition, flexibility and strength. Regular use also helps fight frizz and split ends.

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8 oz / 260 ml

How it works

Blowpro's damage control daily repairing shampoo contains a unique blend of natural proteins that revitalize damaged hair. While vegetable and wheat protein replace lost nutrients, phytokeratin complex penetrates the hair shaft, plumping hair to smooth strands and prevent frizz. Free of harsh sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride that can strip hair over time, blowpro's damage control daily repairing shampoo brings noticeable results and long-term protection. It is also keratin compliant so safe for color-treated hair.

How to use

Massage damage control daily repairing shampoo into wet hair from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water before applying damage control daily repairing conditioner.

Blowpro tips

Blowpro's damage control daily repairing shampoo can be used once a week as a treatment shampoo for finer textured hair.

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