Blowpro Hydra Quench Hydrating Conditioner

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• A perfect blow out starts in the shower. Hydraquench daily hydrating conditioner nourishes hair without added weight or dulling residue with our proprietary pure protein blend and phytokeratin complex
• Shine enhancing formula leaves hair moisturized without adding heaviness
• Smoothes and detangles leaving hair feeling touchably soft and healthier
• Improves hairs manageability and strength ensuring longer lasting
blow dry results

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8 oz / 260 ml

How it works

•Phytokeratin complex absorbs into hair shaft creating a glossy shine
and added bounce
•Pure protein blend, including soy and corn, helps to hydrate and strengthen
•Wheat protein provides excellent moisture retention

How to use

Apply to freshly cleansed hair massaging thoroughly from mid-shaft to the ends before smoothing the residual product toward the root. Rinse thoroughly.

Blowpro tips

•Apply hydraquench daily hydrating conditioner to warm, cleansed hair
from pony tail to tips, any residual product lightly apply to crown
•Allow hydraquench daily hydrating conditioner to sit in your hair for a few
minutes for extra hydration
•Rinse out with cool to cold water to seal the cuticle for added shine and
protection from frizz

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