Brocato Carve Texture Paste

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Carve Texture Paste is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 10.
Want the ultimate pliable, super flexible defining paste? There’s a reason Carve™ Texture Paste is a best-seller in the men’s styling department. This unique styling product gives texture and dimension to short, piece-y styles, and slicked back looks. With a semi-gloss sheen, Carve™ Texture will keep your hair in place all day. Excellent for men's hairstyles and women's short cuts.

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Brocato Carve™ Texture Paste by Beautopia Hair is a unique and wildly flexible molding and styling paste designed to create fun, highly-textured looks with a semi-gloss sheen. Ideal for short & medium hair lengths. Restyle throughout the day as needed.

SCENT: Bergamot Coriander


  • Flexible for all day styling
  • Perfect for highly textured styles
  • Adds a semi-gloss sheen

Directions: Apply to damp hair to create sleek, pliable looks. Apply to dry hair for added molding, holding and control.

Ingredients: NATURAL WAXES IN COMBINATION WITH FLEXIBLE HOLD AGENTS Create Texture and Versatile Styling Options.

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