Brocato Swell Volume Styling Clay

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Swell Volume Styling Clay is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 10.
Give fine hair a boost with Swell Volume™ Styling Clay. Spirulina and Red Tea Leaf Extract give hair unprecedented volume. Turn heads with your newfound look.

Brocato Swell Volume™ Styling Clay by Beautopia Hair is a flexible finishing clay formulated with Kaolin Clay, Spirulina and Red Tea Leaf Extract to give your hair extraordinary volume, body and texture. Can be used on damp or dry hair for incredible volumizing effects

SCENT: Fresh Green Clover


  • Adds volume
  • Gives hair texture
  • Formulated with a special blend of Kaolin Clay, Spirulina and Red Tea Leaf Extract

Ingredients: KAOLIN CLAY Expands, creating thickness. ASPALATHUS LINEARIS (Red Tea) LEAF EXTRACT A strengthening agent. SALVIA OFFICINALIS (Sage) LEAF EXTRACT Assists in stimulating hair growth.

Directions: Apply to wet or dry hair. Blow dry (heat will intensify volume) or let hair dry naturally.

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