Brocato Vibracolor Sensation Conditioner

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Maintain the vivacity of your hair hue with Brocato Vibracolor Sensation Conditioner. This cruelty-free, multifunctional color treated hair conditioner protects, repairs and nourishes delicate tresses. Free of parabens and sulfates, it harnesses the potency of professional hair products through a unique preservative formulation specifically engineered to reverse damage induced by daily sun exposure. Suitable for all tress types, this residue-free, botanical-based formula employs a fusion of rice amino acids and date fruit and sunflower seed extracts to deeply moisturize and prevent shade fade. UV absorbers and antioxidants defend, nurture and boost texture and body, while cationic silicone and a seriseal sericin complex improve strength, seal in pigment, restore cuticles and replenish fiber integrity. For optimal results, begin by cleansing wet hair with Brocato Vibracolor Sensation Color Last Shampoo. Rinse well, then apply a small- to medium-sized amount of Vibracolor Sensation Conditioner, taking care to thoroughly coat each strand. Rinse clean, then follow with routine drying and styling for shiny, healthy and fortified locks.

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