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Dennis Bernard 4Bond N' Plex Leave In Treatment

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4Bond Leave-In Conditioning Treatment further enhances the molecular bonding benefits of the initial stand alone service both in salon & at home. The 4Bond Leave-In Conditioning Treatment contains Advanced Polymer & is infused with Quinoa Protein, Baobab Protein & Keratin Amino Acids for increased strengthening of hair bonds in the salon & between services.

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Be sure to retail the 4Bond Leave-In Conditioning Treatment to your clients so they can continue to receive the bond strengthening benefits between services.


with Advanced Polymer Technology
featuring Keratin, Quinoa and Baobab Proteins rich in Amino Acids

No formulation changes necessary • No lengthy processing times Works from the inside out • Works with or without a heat source Aids in resistant gray coverage • Preserves hair color longer • Deep conditions.

Competitors have rushed to market with highly expensive products that dilute formulas, causing you to boost developers while increasing processing times. 4Bond has taken the time to improve this new category insuring the polymer/protein formulation Will not interfere with the manufacturer's product, making services faster and easier. 4Bond works from the inside out, repairing the hairs internal broken and damaged bonds. Infusing, penetrating and sealing into the cortex and cuticle proprietary Polymers, Keratin, Quinoa and Baobab Proteins rich in Amino Acids to strengthen and fortify the hair, achieving better and longer lasting results.

What is the technology behind the 4Bond Molecular Bonding System?

Advanced Polymer: 4Bond has been formulated with the latest bond building technology for deposition color, hi-lift, lighteners, relaxers and permanent waves. The advanced polymer opens the cuticle and deposits into the core layer of the hair to add an extension of retention properties while restructuring the hairs internal tensile strength, repairing any previous breakage. The 4Bond polymer aids in the adhesion of all color molecules, improves deposition and retention of hair services and protects the hair against damage during color and chemical services. Continued benefits are received with home maintenance using the spray-in 4Bond Leave-ln Fortifying Treatment.

Keratin Amino Acids: When hair is lightened it kills the internal "shock absorbers" from the hair shaft. 4Bond has been infused with Keratin Amino Acids which revitalize that lost barrier and kick-starts the hair's internal tensile strength. Keratin Amino acids add a unique bonding complex, achieving richer, brighter, longer lasting color.

Quinoa Protein: 4Bond offers a unique amino acid profile which includes all essential amino
acids promoting healthy hair and skin. Quinoa Protein moisturizes and smooths the cuticle layer of the hair shafts, making them less prone to latch onto one another, thereby freeing and preventing tangles and protecting the hair shafts from drying and splitting.

Baobab Protein: This unique protein was chosen to be included in the 4Bond system for its superior hair damage recovery properties. The proteins are obtained from the large Baobab fruit seeds produced by the Adansonia Digitata trees native to Africa, also called the "tree of life" due to its ability to store water and withstand the harsh climate. The seeds are obtained using ethical and sustainable methods while supporting local communities in Africa.

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