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Dennis Bernard CBC Color Balance Corrector

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Color Balance Corrector (CBC) eliminates brassy, red or gold tones from yellow, white and gray hair. It tones down warm, red & gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect. CBC can be used in shampoo, bleach or color mixture.

Sizes Available: 1 oz. & 4 oz.

Pro-Tip: Customize your client’s at-home shampoo keeping warm & brass tones out between salon visits.

  • Eliminates brassy, yellow, red or gold tones from yellowed white, blonde and gray hair
  • Tones down warm, red and gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect
  • Can be used in shampoo, bleach or color mixture
  • Extremely cost-effective


Stylist Case Studies

Stefanie left the salon loving her highlights. When she got home she decided her highlights were too gold. When she called the salon to complain, she was pleased to hear, "No problem, come right in, it can be fixed with one shampoo. " One pump of back bar shampoo with 3-5 drops of POWERTOOLS Color Balance Corrector (CBC) and Stefanie was happy again! Her stylist did the color correction in no time and it only cost the salon pennies using CBC.

Mrs. Gold always sees red with her level 5 brown. To correct it, her stylist adds CBC to her color mixture. lt is the easiest and most cost effective way to neutralize warm, red or gold tones with darker hair colors.

Many clients pull warm tones during highlighting. To avoid using toners and to save yourself time, add 11/2 teaspoons (1/4 ounce) of CBC to your bleach mixture. To avoid using toners during color processing, add 20 drops (1/4 ounce) to color mixture, and/or 3 to 5 drops during shampooing when hair gives off a warm tone.

PROFITABLE TIP: An added benefit of CBC is its unique property of being able to customize the client's at-home shampoo keeping warm and brass tones out between salon visits (Charge $5.00 for dispensing into their shampoo). Clients can also purchase CBC and add a quarter of an ounce to their bottle of shampoo or add three drops to their normal amount of shampoo before applying. Advise the client of possible staining and to use caution when using at home.

DISPENSING INSTRUCTIONS: Use 1/4 unce of CBC in your color or lightener/bleach mixture. When shampooing use 3-5 drops of CBC in one pump of shampoo depending on porosity of hair.

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