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Dennis Bernard CFI Color Filler Insurance

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Color Filler Insurance (CFI) is a pretreatment for damaged hair. It equalizes porosity by filling the hair with proteins & amino acids. This ensures even color & texture lotion absorption. CFI penetrates into the cortex to help restructure any damaged protein bonds while protecting against new chemical damage.

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Additional Benefits:

Repairs split ends
Increases tensile strength, elasticity & shine
Adds volume body & shine
Prevents breakage

Pro Tip: For best results, shampoo with a clarifying demineralizing shampoo which removes old product build up, chemicals, minerals & free radicals. Towel dry then spray CFI into damaged areas. Leave in for 20 minutes & proceed as usual.

  • Pre-treatment for damaged hair

  • Easy spray-on application

  • Equalizes porosity by filling the hair with proteins and amino acids

  • Use prior to color/bleach/lightener services and texture services to prevent breakage

  • Increases tensile strength, elasticity and shine

  • Protects the hair from chemical and mechanical damage


Stylist Case Studies

Joe, totally into chemical services, loves the challenge of getting great results on less than perfect hair. Before coloring or perming, Joe Wins the challenge (to theclient's delight) by filling the damaged areas of the client's hair with POWERTOOLS Color Filler Insurance (CR).

Bernadette has beautiful red hair but her fly-away and split ends detract from its overall beauty. Her salon uses CF' as a deep conditioning treatment prior to cutting her hair. Fly-away and Split ends eliminated, healthy, shiny hair illuminated!

PROFITABLE TIP: Charge more for all your chemical services by using a Bundle Package approach with all POWERTOOLS products. For example, raise your color and perm prices by $5.00, if the situafion warrants you can use CF', TCA, TRA, etc. for great color, perm and profit results.

DISPENSING INSTRUCTIONS: spray thoroughly onto damaged hair that has been shampooed and towel dried. Leave in for 20 minutes, blot excess, DO NOT RINSE, apply color or wrap perm. Proceed as usual.

PRIOR TO DONG A PERM ON DAMAGED, COLOREO, OR HIGHUGHTED HAIR: Shampoo hair, towel dry, spray CR into damaged areas and place client under a dryer WITHOUT A PLASTIC CAP dry the hair completely. When dry, take the client back to your chair and spray down the hair with a water bottle, proceed to wrap and process perm as usual. Your curl Will take better, be more resilient and not suffer any additional damage. Don't forgetto put 5 drops of The Color Accelerator (TCA) in your neutralizer for a more complete rebonding.


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