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Dennis Bernard GOD Gray Oxidizing Drops

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Gray Oxidizing Drops (GOD) covers resistant gray completely.  G.O.D. can be used with any manufacturer’s permanent, demi & semi-permanent hair color; do not use with color stains or temporary colors. As with all Dennis Bernard products, G.O.D is color friendly and can be used with all other POWERTOOL color additives.

  • 100% gray coverage
  • Works with any (color+developer) color line
  • Red color family is enhanced & intensified
  • Does not affect processing time
  • Covers resistant gray completely

  • Compatible with The Color Accelerator (TCA) and all POWERTOOLS products

  • Helps color penetrate better

  • Adds depth and shine to any manufacturers hair color

  • Does not affect processing time 

Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D) can be used in any manufacturers color to cover resistant gray hair. Permanent, demi and semi-permanent color performance is improved by adding G.O.D into the formula. The Red Color family is especially enhanced and intensified when G.O.D drops are included. Maximum color absorption with shortened processing time is achieved by mixing G.O.D and The Color Accelerator (TCA) into the color mixture. G.O.D is compatible I with ali shades of color and with ali POWERTOOLS products. 'Adding 3-5 drops of G.O.D to shampoo refreshes red and warmer toned colors. As with all Dennis Bernard products G.O.D is color friendly, helping to lock in hair color and to prevent color fadeout, guaranteed!

Gray Oxidizing Drops, G.O.D, can be used with TCA, with or without heat All POWERTOOLS products are compatible and can be used separately or together with each other.

PLEASE NOTE: The normal color the G,O.D liquid is reddish brown. When combined with your color, the mixture Will appear to have a different color tone than your eye is used to seeing. This is normal and Will have no effect on your desired end result


-When applying color on gray hair take thinner sections and apply to both sides so the hair can be saturated with color throughout the sub section.

-Remember the higher the level, the less dye load contained in the formula. Don't set the client up for unrealistic expectations. To get complete gray coverage, use a level 8 or darker.

-Gray & white hair lacks warmth so it Will always show the full impact of the base in a tint; Reds Will look pink, drabs Will have a greenish or bluish hue, etc.

A good rule of thumb for mixing your formula to cover gray is:

  • 25% gray or less use 25% neutral base color and 75% desired shade

  • 50% gray use 50% neutral base color and 50% desired shade

  • 75% gray or more use 75% neutral base color and 25% desired shade

Your utmost professional judgment is also a key ingredient.

The core formula must be correct before adding additives such as POWERTOOLS Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D) to enhance the results.

G.O.D Will add concentrated red and yellow to your formula further balancing the neutral tones while at the same time gently lifting the cuticle allowing better color penetration.

G.O.D Will not alter the color's tonal value and the cuticle Will realign when the color is rinsed.

Do not use G.O.D in any color stains or temporary colors such as Matrix Prizms, Sebastian Cellophanes, Clairol Jazzing, Special Effects, etc.

The permanent dyes in gray oxidizing drops need a peroxide based color in order to balance the formula and assist in covering gray properly.

The color of tint Will dominate the final result when the tint is two levels darker than the lightened melanin. The color of the lightened melanin Will dominate the final result if the tint is the same leve' or lighter than the natural hair color. The effect the lightened melanin has on the colored hair becomes more visible as the tint fades. Once you learn this rule of formulating,you Will understand that you can not lift dark natural color and achieve a cool tone.




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