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Dennis Bernard STB Stop The Burn

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  • Prevents chemical burns, itching, scalp irritation, and peroxide damage with color, perms and Other chemical services

  • Dual-Action, can be mixed into color/lightener formula, perm lotion or relaxer and/or can be applied directly from bottle to scalp

  • Will not affect the processing action of any chemical services


Prevent skin & scalp irritation, burning, itching, chemical burn & allergic reactions. STB, Stop the Burn, is a conditioning agent that alleviates the hair and scalp from the effects of harsh chemical processes. The active ingredient is menthol which provides a soothing sensation that helps relieve irritation.


Add 20 drops of STB to color mixture, bleach or perm solution.
Add 2-3 drops directly to sensitive, irritated or itchy scalp areas to eliminate irritation.


Stylist Case Studies

Chuck, a stylist for years, noticed that more and more of his color clients asked for a tail comb while processing to scratch their itchy heads. He wished there was a safer and more professional way to handle the challenge. Wish granted - POWERTOOLS stop The Burn (STB) added into the color formula and/or applied directly from bottle to the problem area of the scalp Will eliminate the itching.

Rose always complains about her color itching and burning, aggravating both her scalp and stylist. lt's to the point that her stylist wishes she would go to someone else! lt's not Rose's fault, the solution is to add STB to her color mixture. Happy client, happy stylist!

Josephine loves to do perms. To avoid any problems with the perm solution irritating the clients' skin, she applies STB directly to the hairline before placing the cotton around the client.

PROFITABLE TIP: Dispense 5 drops of STB into perm solution to prevent uncomfortable irritation to the client.

Dispensing Instructions: Add 20 drops of STB to color, bleach/lightener mixture or 5 drops to perm solution. STB can also be applied directly to sensitive areas, right out of the bottle, to eliminate irritation.

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