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The Color Accelerator (TCA) the original color accelerator, processes permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi color, bleach, foil & high lift applications in half the time when added to any manufacturer’s color or lightening product.

Here’s how it works:

The Color Accelerator, TCA, is a hair color additive that slows down the processing of hydrogen peroxide while driving color molecules deeper into the hair shaft. The formula’s antioxidant (Vitamin E) allows TCA to help develop the color molecules completely in less time while Jojoba & Mineral Oil condition & moisturize the hair & scalp.

Use with any manufacturer’s color/bleach
Virtually eliminates fade-out
Can be used with or without heat to cut processing times by 1/2 to 2/3.
Leave hair shiny and in super condition

  • TCA can be used with any manufacturers peroxide activated semi, demi, permanent colors and lighteners (foils, hi-lifts on the scalp services). Works with creme colors. Great with all conditioners and permanent wave neutralizers. TCA works with 10 volume to 100 volume peroxide.
  • TCA helps create your own oil-based formula. TCA provides excellent gray coverage on resistant heads, less fadeout and better overall condition of the hair while also offering fast processing options.
  • During perm and wave services, TCA eliminates curl relaxation and super conditions for more shiny and resilient curls.

  • TCA Will not over-process hair color.

  • TCA costs pennies per application.

  • DO NOT use TCA if client is allergic to Mineral Oil.

How does The Color & Lightener Accelerator (TCA) work?

TCA's formula slows down the processing of hydrogen peroxide while driving color molecules deeper into the hair shaft. Anti- oxidants allow TCA to help develop the color molecules completely in less time with or without Iow heat and its conditioning system prevents any damage done to hair by chemical services. The process is stable from beginning to end.

What is meant by "stable"?
The oxygen attempting to escape is what makes peroxide unstable; this has a tremendous effect on the whole coloring process. TCA encompasses the oxygen to stabilize the peroxide, forcing it to work more efficiently.

Won't heat damage the hair during coloring?
No, LOW DRYER HEAT in combination with TCA will not damage the hair. Color with TCA is stable beyond temperatures you would ever use on a client. The LOW DRYER HEAT simply increases the molecular activity accelerating the processing time. LOW DRYER HEAT with TCA also helps with resistant gray coverage.

How can TCA work equally as well in Color, Lightener and Permanent Wave Neutralizer?
TCA works with the peroxide bases in the developers and neutralizers. Peroxide releases free radicals, TCA harnesses those free radicals and stabilizes them. The coupling of the color molecules and the reformation of the sulphur bonds in perming and straightening is maximized. The end results with TCA is that color processes faster and doesn't fade; lightened/bleached hair avoids that mushy, hyper-elastic state. Permed curls are healthier with increased resiliency

What makes TCA unique?
lt works! Invented 30 years ago, with over 30 million heads worldwide processed annually. View stylist testimonials at:



The three color processing options when adding
The Color And Lightener Accelerator (TCA) to hair color:

  1. Process color the way you normally would to give you the benefits of TCA. Eliminates fadeout, provides better gray coverage on resistant heads and leaves hair in great condition.
  2. PROCESSING WITH NO HEAT. After applying color with TCA drops added, cover the hair with a plastic cap (no holes) to cut the processing time in half using BODY HEAT.
  3. PROCESSING WITH LOW HEAT. After applying color with TCA drops added, punch 16 holes into a plastic cap with a tail comb, apply cap and place client under a PREHEATED LOW HEAT dryer. Processing should be completed in 10 - 15 minutes. No need for heat during cool down period while refreshing ends.


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