La Brasiliana

La Brasiliana Olio Di Morocco Retaining Spray

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Olio di Morocco Smooth Retaining Spray creates a protective barrier around each individual strand that provides shine and repels humidity making it an everyday need. It contains a vegetable derived protein proven to help improve hair tensile strength therefore making it less prone to breakage. This product is heat activated.

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Olio di Morocco Smooth Retaining Spray. In order to maintain Smooth Smoothing Treatment we have developed a Heat Activated Retaining Spray.;This versatile spray can be used as a standalone styling aid, as well as the extender for our Olio di Morocco Smooth Smoothing System.;Expertly formulated with a conditioning Polymers minimize hair breakage while building up the strength of damaged hair.;The sub-micron silicones are better design to deposit directly onto the hair shaft, allowing a sustained release resulting in longer lasting effects.;The outer hair cuticle benefits from the repetitive action of these silicones.

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