Tressa Liteworx Conditioning Oil Lightener

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Conditioning Oil Lightener achieves optimum lift in minimal time while what protein and oleic acid ingredients add healthy shine and condition, Formula remains moist during processing for flawless coverage and consistent results.

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Create the same highlights/lowlights that you can with a double-process service!


  • Contains a specially designed blend of lifting agents and pigments that allow the hair to be lifted, toned and conditioned in one simultaneous step.
  • No need to bleach and then tone in the traditional 2-step process. The Power Lifting Powder and Conditioning Oil Lightener provide the boost for those same high-lift shades – in half the time!
  • The System contains natural moisturizers and nourishing ingredients such as Wheat Protein and Chamomile Extract to infuse hair with condition and softness you can see and feel!
  • LITEWORX can be used on and off the scalp, with or without dryer heat for various highlight/ lowlight techniques!

 LITEWORX Helpful Tips

  • Each scoop of Power Lifting Powder provides up to 11/2 to 2 levels of lift. Lowlight formulas are designed to deposit tone only with minimal to no lift.
  • Add 1 additional scoop of Power Lifting Powder when highlighting over tinted hair, coarse resistant, dark tint or hard water deposit. Up to 8 total scoops of LITEWORX Powder may be used for maximum lightening power.
  • For maximum color deposit, you may double the Color Toner amount in the formula.
  • While you may alter the amount of Power Lifting Powder and Color Toner, keep the amount of Conditioning Oil and Processing Cream as listed on the formulation chart.
  • When more lift is desired, increase the amount of Power Lifting Powder. When less lift is desired, decrease it.
  • When more color deposit is desired, decrease the volume of Tressa Processing Cream from 20 Vol to 10 Vol, or even 5 Vol.
  • When using dryer heat and highlighting through a cap or painting, place a loose plastic cap over the exposed processing highlights to keep the product from drying out.
  • Keep in mind that dryer heat accelerates the process.

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