Itely Masterpiece Texture Up

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MP Texture Up is a medium hold volumizing texturizer. Ideal for voluminous but natural looks. Adds volume to the roots and body to the lengths without weighing the hair down for a “zero gravity” effect. Residue - free.

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15 products, one masterpiece: your style. A combination of textures and holding factors to respond to every need of styling. A complete line of products for stunning results.

It creates masterpieces that withstand over time. Ideal for defining, sculpting and creating irresistible styles.

It models and shapes real masterpieces. Ideal for creating all kinds of style: retró, extravagant or natural.

A bath of light for a shining style. Ideal to illuminate and enlighten every look.


“Purity Design Masterpiece” is enhanced with the innovative OZONE + COMPLEXTM

High performing polymers mixed in a new technological complex that surrounds the hair fiber and protects it from the action of hot tools and from atmospheric agents like smog, humidity and UV rays.


A special complex made by 4 active ingredients that combines the performance with:

  • anti-pollution action
  • UV filter
  • cosmetic color protection
  • intense hydration


Sensations. Creating an enchanting texture and engaging scents; floral, soft and aquatic notes that wrap the hair in a delicate feminine fragrance. The lively energetic notes blend perfectly with a spectrum of styles.


Moringa Seeds Micro Proteins: they act as a shield against air pollution and prevent micro-particles deposits from the external environment.

BioMimetic Phyto-Ceramids: extracted from sunflowers seeds, they effectively protect from cosmetic color fading and wrap the hair shaft with a protective film, promoting cohesion of cuticles.

Phyto-filtre: photo-protective active ingredients derived from Bitter Orange and Baobab. They are characterized by an absorption spectrum in UV-A and UV-B rays and mixed with anti-free radicals flavonoids: they protect the hair shaft against premature aging.

Erydrate: a natural sugar that thanks to its extraordinary moisturizing power and its low molecular weight, blends easily with the hair fiber giving a surprising “silky feel”. Defends from flaking and prevents frizz.

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