MKS Eco WOW Nurture Shampoo

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Nurture Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Body Wash

A lush, nurturing blend of nutrient-rich oils and advanced clean ingredients makes this naturally derived formula ideal for a gentle wash that leaves hair and skin feeling silky, smooth.

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  • Gentle, advanced clean formula rich with nutrients from globally sourced oils 
  • Lush, thick consistency with decadent lather
  • Multifunctional for both hair and skin
  • Deeply nourishing and moisturizing
  • Halcyon fragrance contains notes of bergamot, vetiver, and sweet florals.

How To Use

Massage onto wet hair and skin, then rinse.

Made With Sustainable Materials

Aluminum and glass are amongst the most recycled materials we use with 75-80% still in use today.

Post consumer resin (PCR) recycled plastics are made from plastics used by consumers, usually from bottles. The carbon footprint of producing PCR is 60% less than producing virgin plastic.

Using recycled materials extends their use, keeps them out of landfills, reduces microplastics in the environment, and expends less pollution into the air than producing from raw materials.

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