Scruples Moisture Holiday Duo

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Moisture Bath Shampoo 12oz
Moisturex Conditioner 8oz

Moisture Bath Shampoo

  • Helps restore moisture and elasticity
  • Exceptional for dry, brittle and coarse hair
  • Leaves hair silky and shiny
  • For daily use

Apply to wet hair, shampoo and rinse. Follow with QUICKSEAL Detangling Conditioner for daily use or MOISTUREX Replenishing Conditioner for weekly use.

Moisturex Conditioner

  • Enhances pliability in dry, brittle and coarse hair
  • Penetrates deep to restore moisture
  • Adds elasticity and shine
  • Use as needed for optimal results

How to Use: After shampooing with desired Scruples shampoo, apply to wet hair and massage from scalp to ends. Leave on 3 ‐ 5 minutes and rinse. For intensive conditioning, leave on hair 10 ‐ 15 minutes and rinse (heat optional). Proceed with styling.

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