Pibbs Italian Backwash Spray Handle

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The Pibbs F3039 Italian Backwash Spray Handle is compatible for use with all Pibbs Salon Backwash Units and in conjunction with the Pibbs 565 Shampoo Backwash Fixture. This backwash spray handle features a two-way aerator offering a spray option while washing hair and stream option while washing hands. The F3039 has a black chemical resistant finish and is made with durability in mind to provide many years of service. This backwash spray handle is also used in conjunction with the Pibbs F3038 spray hose and when paired together they can be compatible with many other types of salon backwash units as well. 


  • Modern Italian Design
  • Includes Aerator & Spray Handle
  • Two-Way Aerator for Spray & Stream
  • Non-Splash Spray
  • Durable Construction
  • Chemical-Resistant


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