Pibbs Metal Roller Cart

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Pibbs D25 Portable Styling Station can be used as either a storage utility cart or a portable styling station. This portable station is made of wood and has wheels making it very easy to move around the salon. It has a locking door that allows you to store all items overnight without worry. It comes with 4 storage trays and two chrome appliance holders that can hold appliances even while they are hot! It also has a blow dryer holder and a large workspace on top. Perfect size to help save space in any salon!! 


  • Great Quality Portable Styling Station w/ Locking Door & Wheels
  • 2 Chrome Appliance Holders & 1 Blow Dryer Holder
  • Large top Workspace for Quick Access to your Tools
  • 4 Storage Trays that can be locked for secure overnight storage

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