Pibbs Speedy Processor

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The Pibbs 14024 Speedy Deluxe Hair Processor is Made 100% in Italy and uses infared ceramic heat allowing for even heat distribution which accelerates hair color, perming and drying time. The five separate ceramic heating elements provide evenly applied radiant heat for consistent and even distribution. The Speedy Deluxe Processor is also unique in that each of the five heating elements can be turned on or off individually. The Pibbs 14024 Speedy Hair Processor will decrease the time your clients spend under the color processor allowing you to see more customers each day. This unit is perfect for use in any salon that uses a lot of color and is looking to decrease processing time!


  • Made 100% in Italy by Pibbs Industries
  • Professional Hair Processor with Infared Ceramic Heat
  • Five Individually Controlled Heating Elements
  • Height Adjustable and on Casters for convenience
  • Noticeably Speeds Processing Time 

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