Prorituals Permanent Hair Color

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1N - Black 1N - Black N - Natural 1 IN STOCK

3N - Dark Chestnut 3N - Dark Chestnut N - Natural 3 IN STOCK

4N - Medium Chestnut 4N - Medium Chestnut N - Natural 4 IN STOCK

5N - Light Chestnut 5N - Light Chestnut N - Natural 5 IN STOCK

6N - Dark Blonde 6N - Dark Blonde N - Natural 6 IN STOCK

7N - Medium Blonde 7N - Medium Blonde N - Natural 7 IN STOCK

8N - Light Blonde 8N - Light Blonde N - Natural 8 IN STOCK

9N - Ultralight Blonde 9N - Ultralight Blonde N - Natural 9 IN STOCK

10N - Platinum Blonde 10N - Platinum Blonde N - Natural 10 IN STOCK

5AUB Dark Auburn 5AUB Dark Auburn AUB - Auburn 5 IN STOCK

4AUB Deep Auburn 4AUB Deep Auburn AUB - Auburn 4 IN STOCK

6AUB Medium Auburn 6AUB Medium Auburn AUB - Auburn 6 IN STOCK

5MO Medium Brown Mocha 5MO Medium Brown Mocha MO - Mocha 5 IN STOCK

7MO Light Brown Mocha 7MO Light Brown Mocha MO - Mocha 7 IN STOCK

9MO Dark Blonde Mocha 9MO Dark Blonde Mocha MO - Mocha 9 IN STOCK

6RS - Red Scarlet 6RS - Red Scarlet R - Red 6 IN STOCK

8RS - Flame Red Scarlet 8RS - Flame Red Scarlet R - Red 8 IN STOCK

7RR - Intense Fire Red 7RR - Intense Fire Red R - Red 7 IN STOCK

4RM - Medium Mahogany Chestnut 4RM - Medium Mahogany Chestnut R - Red 4 IN STOCK

6RM - Dark Mahogany Blonde 6RM - Dark Mahogany Blonde R - Red 6 IN STOCK

5RV - Dark Red Violet 5RV - Dark Red Violet R - Red 5 IN STOCK

6RV - Red Violet 6RV - Red Violet R - Red 6 IN STOCK

5I - Light Irisee Chesnut 5I - Light Irisee Chesnut R - Red 5 IN STOCK

6R - Pure Red 6R - Pure Red R - Red 6 IN STOCK

4R - Soft Red 4R - Soft Red R - Red 4 IN STOCK

9IC - Intensive Ultralight Copper Blonde 9IC - Intensive Ultralight Copper Blonde IC, CB - Copper 9 IN STOCK

7CB - Medium Copper Blonde 7CB - Medium Copper Blonde IC, CB - Copper 7 IN STOCK

6CB - Dark Copper Blonde 6CB - Dark Copper Blonde IC, CB - Copper 6 IN STOCK

10 ABP Ash Blonde Platinum Iridescent 10 ABP Ash Blonde Platinum Iridescent Metallic 10 IN STOCK

12 BCG Blonde Copper Golden 12 BCG Blonde Copper Golden Metallic 12 IN STOCK

9GB Glacial Blonde 9GB Glacial Blonde Metallic 9 IN STOCK

10PA Ash Blonde Platinum Intense 10PA Ash Blonde Platinum Intense Metallic 10 IN STOCK

9G - Ultralight Golden Blonde 9G - Ultralight Golden Blonde G - Gold 9 IN STOCK

8G - Light Golden Blonde 8G - Light Golden Blonde G - Gold 8 IN STOCK

7G - Medium Golden Blonde 7G - Medium Golden Blonde G - Gold 7 IN STOCK

6G - Dark Golden Blonde 6G - Dark Golden Blonde G - Gold 6 IN STOCK

5G - Light Golden Chestnut 5G - Light Golden Chestnut G - Gold 5 IN STOCK

4G - Medium Golden Chestnut 4G - Medium Golden Chestnut G - Gold 4 IN STOCK

5T - Dark Tobacco 5T - Dark Tobacco T - Tobacco 5 IN STOCK

6T - Medium Tobacco 6T - Medium Tobacco T - Tobacco 6 IN STOCK

7T - Light Tobacco 7T - Light Tobacco T - Tobacco 7 IN STOCK

6CH - Dark Chocolate Blonde 6CH - Dark Chocolate Blonde CH - Chocolate 6 IN STOCK

5CH - Light Chocolate Brown 5CH - Light Chocolate Brown CH - Chocolate 5 IN STOCK

4CH - Medium Chocolate Chestnut 4CH - Medium Chocolate Chestnut CH - Chocolate 4 IN STOCK

9B - Very Light Beige 9B - Very Light Beige B - Beige 9 IN STOCK

8B - Light Beige 8B - Light Beige B - Beige 8 IN STOCK

9C - Ultralight Ash Blonde 9C - Ultralight Ash Blonde C - Ash 9 IN STOCK

8C - LIght Ash Blonde 8C - LIght Ash Blonde C - Ash 8 IN STOCK

7C - Medium Ash Blonde 7C - Medium Ash Blonde C - Ash 7 IN STOCK

6C - Dark Ash Blonde 6C - Dark Ash Blonde C - Ash 6 IN STOCK

5C - Light Ash Chestnut 5C - Light Ash Chestnut C - Ash 5 IN STOCK

10/FUN - Extra Light Blonde 10/FUN - Extra Light Blonde FUN - Fundamental 10 IN STOCK

9/FUN - Very Light Blonde 9/FUN - Very Light Blonde FUN - Fundamental 9 IN STOCK

8/FUN - Light Blonde 8/FUN - Light Blonde FUN - Fundamental 8 IN STOCK

7/FUN - Medium Blonde 7/FUN - Medium Blonde FUN - Fundamental 7 IN STOCK

6/FUN - Dark Blonde 6/FUN - Dark Blonde FUN - Fundamental 6 IN STOCK

5/FUN - Light Brown 5/FUN - Light Brown FUN - Fundamental 5 IN STOCK

4/FUN - Medium Brown 4/FUN - Medium Brown FUN - Fundamental 4 IN STOCK

3/FUN - Dark Brown 3/FUN - Dark Brown FUN - Fundamental 3 IN STOCK

2/FUN - Darkest Brown 2/FUN - Darkest Brown FUN - Fundamental 2 IN STOCK

1/FUN - Black 1/FUN - Black FUN - Fundamental 1 IN STOCK

Pure Blue Corrector Blue Pure Blue Corrector Blue Additive No Level IN STOCK

Pure Yellow Corrector Yellow Pure Yellow Corrector Yellow Additive No Level IN STOCK

Pure Green Corrector Green Pure Green Corrector Green Additive No Level IN STOCK

10LB - Lightening Booster 10LB - Lightening Booster Additive 10 IN STOCK


Our Hair Color Cream is enriched with precious essential oils and Mediterranean Wild Herb extracts. Incredible grey coverage, vibrant color and luminous shine! Available in 80+ colors. KEY BENEFITS: Rich, luminous, long-lasting color, intermixable shades, unique formulation that allows for semi, demi, & permanent in one tube. ChromaPrism™ Technology helps ensure deeper, longer-lasting color results, low ammonia with coverage and tonal series 1.0%–1.8% (High Lift/Super Lift have slightly higher alkali). Low to zero odor, balanced protein & moisture base that is ideal for all hair types.


ChromaPrism™ Technology promotes unsurpassed grey and white coverage with an increased dye load and smaller penetrating dye pigments. This helps color penetrate into hair fibers much more deeply. Once the smaller dyes penetrate the hair, they develop into larger color pigments which hold in hair to assure optimum, long-lasting white coverage.

The technical aspects of Chromaprism™ Technology provide balanced nourishment to the hair, restoring its main components: water, proteins, and fatty acids. The three main principles of ChromaPrism™ Technology are as follows:

Prorituals ChromaPrism Technology

    Maximum protection to promote improved hair and scalp condition.


    Deep penetration through the hair’s cuticle into the cortex combined with the ability of these molecules to bind to water, provides deep, long-lasting moisture. This technology protects the hair against humidity making it easier to style. The result is strong, shiny hair that is easy to manage.


    The interaction between moisturizing Oligopeptides and high-quality pigments result in brilliantly rich, long-lasting colors with an optimum degree of coverage (100% of white hair). The precise balance of this formulation helps ensure stabilized color, prevents fading, and keeps color vibrant for much longer than average hair color. Our base of Keratin, Wheat, and Soy is enriched with revolutionary raw materials that absorb and destroy the ammonia smell.

  • True Neutral
  • Natural deep rich brown coverage
  • True neutral tone (cool brown)
  • Complete gray coverage
  • Maximum amount of dye at every level

Beige Series

  • Violet Base
  • Controls unwanted gold tones
  • Excellent toning after lightening

Ash Series

  • Blue/Blue Violet Base
  • Controls unwanted warm undertones
  • Gray coverage

Chocolate Series

  • Warm Brown
  • Rich chocolate brown
  • Excellent gray coverage when used alone
  • Ideal base for gray coverage with cool reds
  • Excellent for low lighting and ting backs

Fundamental Series

  • Ideal for gray coverage with natural soft results
  • Excellent for low lighting and tint backs
  • True neutral to warm balance (Brown Natural Gold)

Gold Series

  • Double Yellow Base
  • Add soft warm gold tones
  • Excellent gray coverage and as a gray coverage additive for increased dimension
  • Excellent for low lighting and tint backs

Metallic Series

  • Mix 1:1 with ProRituals 5 Volume Developer and apply
  • Should be used to color tone-on-tone or lighten up to 1 level
  • To darken lighter hair - mix with ProRituals 10 Volume Developer
  • Process 30-35 minutes at room temperature. 
  • For maximum color  pre-lighten hair first to pale yellow (level 10-12) then pre-tone using 10FG + 5 Volume Developer, process util unwanted yellow tones are removed.

Copper Series

R Series Coppers

  • Red Orange Base
  • Deep Copper Colors, glowing warm red
  • Mix with Fundamentals series to control intensity, mix with N series to drab
  • Use with RT,T or Fundamentals for gray coverage 

Intensive Coppers

  • Orange Red Base
  • Vivid copper  color, vibrant orange-red hues
  • Mix with Fundamental series to control intensity, mix with N series to drab
  • Use with RT, T or Fundamental for gray coverage


  • Red Orange Base
  • Deep rich copper, natural result, natures red
  • Use as a gray coverage base for bright coppers
  • Excellent for low lighting and tint backs

Tobacco Series

  • Yellow Natural Base
  • Warmer browns
  • Excellent gray coverage when used alone
  • Ideal base for gray coverage with warm reds
  • Excellent for low lighting and tint backs

Auburn Series

  • Red brown base
  • Maximize your Brunette with Warm Red Shades
  • Adds Beautiful Red Glow to your Browns

Mochas Series

  • Violet warm base
  • Add Soft Violet Warm Tones
  • To add a Neutral Brown Richness
  • Excellent for Adding Dimension to any Browns

Scarlet Red

  • Red Red-Violet Base
  • Vivid intense reds with fiery red results
  • Mix with N to control intensity
  • Use CI, RT or Fundamentals for gray coverage

Red Red

  • Red Red Base
  • Intense real red with bright red results
  • Mix as an intensifier to brighten reds and coppers
  • Use CI, RT or Fundamentals for gray coverage.

Red Series

  • Violet-Red Base
  • Intense fashion red violet shades, coolest blue violet
  • Mix with N to control intensity
  • Use CI or Fundamentals for gray coverage

Mahogany Red

  • Red-Violet Base
  • Rich cool reds
  • Vibrant luxurious burgundy results
  • Mix with N to control intensity

High Lift Series

High Lift 10S, 10FG & 10SC

  • 2:1
  • Excellent blonde toner when mixed with toner formula
  • Up to 4 levels of lift

Super Lift 12CV & 12P

  • 2:1
  • Can be used with 20 and 30 volumes when more control and refinement is needed
  • Maximum lift will not be achieved with this option
  • Up to 5 levels of lift


  • Blue neutralizes unwanted warmth on levels 3-6
  • Yellow adds brightness to coppers without browning out
  • For earthy brown tones add to Fundamentals, Tobaccos and Golden series
  • Green neutralizes unwanted warmth on levels 1-5


  • Creating clearer blondes, brighter reds and richer browns on resistant hair
  • Extra lift, penetration, brightness. Add 1 inch up to 1/2 of formula = Developer to lighten bands from the hair due to single process retouches
  • To lighten darkened ends from multi service applications
  • To lift or de-colorize tinted hair up to one level
  • Use with Brighteners for more vivid results

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