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An intensely moisturizing treatment with strengthening Quinoa
Protein & nutritious botanical extracts that soften, untangle & add
shine to hair. Contains Glycerin, organic Coconut Oil & Jojoba Oil
that hydrate the hair deeply without ever leaving it feeling heavy.

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Best recommended for:
All hair types, especially fine and thin hair.
The ultimate every-day hair serum.

How to use:
Apply to washed, towel dried hair. Style.
Blow dry for extra volume.

Organic Coconut Oil
Strengthening Quinoa Protein
Colour Preserve System

Heat Protection
UV Protection
Detangling & moisturising properties




REF loves vibrant hair colour full of life. Out of this love we created our
signature Colour Preserve System. The system protects all hair colours, both
natural and treated. The System is composed of a unique mix of Sunflower
Seed extract and a high performing Polymer that together form a natural
source of protection. The System also works as an environmental shield as it
not only protects against UV rays but free radicals, which both damage hair
quality and color over time boasting great anti-fade protection as a result.
Since our Colour Preserve System is included in all REF products, you can be
sure your color is in good hands, no matter which product you select.



Strength is the secret behind beautiful hair that doesn’t lose its healthy glow
over time. Your hair gets its strength from the natural building block keratin:
a strengthening protein with a highly concentrated amount of different amino
acids. All REF products contain the protein derived from the South American
superfood: Quinoa. This vegan Quinoa Protein is very similar to the keratin of
hair, which can provide the right strength that hair needs to be healthy and
beautiful. In addition to building strength, Strengthening Quinoa Protein also
repairs, protects, and adds shine.

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