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2- Illuminate Colour Shampoo 9.6oz
2- Illuminate Colour Conditioner 8.2oz
2- Illuminate Colour Masque 8.4oz
2- Ultimate Repair Shampoo 9.6oz
2- Ultimate Repair Conditioner 8.5oz
2- Ultimate Repair Masque 8.4oz
2- Intense Hydrate Shampoo 9.6oz
2- Intense Hydrate Conditioner 8.5oz
2- Intense Hydrate Masque 8.4oz
2- Weightless Volume Shampoo 9.6oz
2- Weightless Volume Conditioner 8.5oz
2- Weightless Volume Masque 8.4oz
1- Cool Silver Shampoo 9.6oz
1- Cool Silver Conditioner 8.5oz
1- Hair & Body Shampoo 9.6oz
1- Wonder Oil 4.2oz
1- Leave In Conditioner 5.9oz
1- Leave In Treatment 4.2oz
2-Curl Power 4.2oz
2- Dry Shampoo 7.4oz
2- Flexible Spray 10.1oz
2- Hold & Shine Spray 10.1oz
2- Extreme Hold Spray 10.1oz
2- Thickening Spray 10.1oz
2- Mousse 8.4oz
2- Fiber Mousse 8.4oz
2- Root To Top 8.4oz
2- Spray Wax 8.4oz
2- Get It Straight 5.9oz
2- Stay Smooth 5.9oz
2- Heat Protection Spray 5.9oz
2- Ocean Mist 5.9oz
2- Firm Hold Non- Aero Spray 5.9oz
2- Shine Spray 5oz

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