Scruples Blazing Blue Oil Lightener

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  • Formulated for on-the-scalp lightening leaving hair & scalp in excellent condition.
  • Fast conditioning Blue Oil Lightener formula safely lifts 7 levels when combined with Blazing Highlights X-tra Light Booster Concentrate.
  • Keeps hair & scalp moist during the lifting process.
  • Deep blue color helps control underlying pigmentation.
  • Silky smooth consistency is easily applied with bottle or bowl & brush.

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1. Pour 2 oz Scruples Pure Oxi 20 Volume Clear Developer into an applicator bottle or bowl.
2. Add 7 scoops Blazing Highlights X-tra Light Booster Concentrate. Mix thoroughly until powder is completely dissolved.
3. Add 1 oz Blazing Highlights Blue Oil Lightener. Mix thoroughly until a rich, smooth, blue cream forms.
4. Apply according to virgin or retouch application.
5. Process at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.


Blazing Highligh

  • Specially formulated to lift up to 7 levels through natural or color treated hair and deposit permanent haircolor in a single process
  • 5 gel colors mix to create 19 highlight shades
  • Never requires more than 20 volume developer
  • Colorist-controlled lift ensures accurate results
  • Maintains the integrity of hair leaving it silky, shiny and conditioned
  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS is part  of  Scruples’ 3  Dimensional Customized Gel Color System.


  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Gel Colors – 6R Red, 6A Ash, 8G Gold, 10A Ash and 12V Violet
  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Oil Lightener – protects and conditions hair during the lightening process
  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Blue Oil Lightener – for on-the-scalp lightening
  • BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS X-tra Light Booster Concentrate – provides controlled, accelerated lifting action

TechnologymScruples’ exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) – shields the haircolor molecule as the lifting process occurs

PBX is a blend of 4 essential ingredients – Mucopolysaccharides, UV Absorbers, Hydrolyzed Proteins and Silicone Conditioners




  1. Determine the natural or color treated haircolor level using the BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS  Level Finder  in  BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Swatch  Book.  If the haircolor is between levels, always formulate to the darkest level. NOTE: BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS are for use on hair that is less than 75% gray. If hair is more than 75% gray pre-color the hair.
  1. Select the desired highlight shade.


  • For maximum tonal deposit, double the dye load by increasing the amount of gel color in the haircolor formula to 1 oz.
  • To control the level of lift achieved, increase or decrease the number of scoops of BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS X-tra Light Booster Concentrate used
  1. Mixing instructions:

  1. 4. Apply using an off-the-scalp highlighting method (weaving, slicing or block coloring). BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS is not recommended for on-the-scalp lightening.
  2. Process:

  1. Rinse color and shampoo hair with preferred Scruples shampoo. Spray with NO H202 No Peroxide, leave on 3 − 5 minutes and rinse. Condition hair with preferred Scruples conditioner.

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