Scruples Color Art Fresh Demi Hair Color

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00 Clear 00 Clear Additive No Level IN STOCK

00 Clear 16oz 00 Clear 16oz Additive No Level IN STOCK

1N Raven 1N Raven N - Natural 1 IN STOCK

1BT Black Ice 1BT Black Ice BT - Blue Titanium 1 IN STOCK

2G Chia 2G Chia G - Gold 2 IN STOCK

3N Night Sky 3N Night Sky N - Natural 3 IN STOCK

3NB Northern Branch 3NB Northern Branch NB - Natural Beige 3 IN STOCK

4G Peppercorn 4G Peppercorn G - Gold 4 IN STOCK

4CB Clove 4CB Clove CB - Copper Brown 4 IN STOCK

5N Backroads 5N Backroads N - Natural 5 IN STOCK

5V Elderberry 5V Elderberry V - Violet 5 IN STOCK

5BT Freezing Rain 5BT Freezing Rain BT - Blue Titanium 5 IN STOCK

5RR Firefinch 5RR Firefinch RR - Red Red 5 IN STOCK

5NB Pinecone 5NB Pinecone NB - Natural Beige 5 IN STOCK

6G Rye 6G Rye G - Gold 6 IN STOCK

6C Autumn 6C Autumn C - Copper 6 IN STOCK

6N Cliffside 6N Cliffside N - Natural 6 IN STOCK

6CB Nutmeg 6CB Nutmeg CB - Copper Brown 6 IN STOCK

7G Cashew 7G Cashew G - Gold 7 IN STOCK

7N Tumbleweed 7N Tumbleweed N - Natural 7 IN STOCK

7V Huckleberry 7V Huckleberry V - Violet 7 IN STOCK

7BT Fresh Frost 7BT Fresh Frost BT - Blue Titanium 7 IN STOCK

7PB Bloom 7PB Bloom PB - Pink Blush 7 IN STOCK

7RR Cardinal 7RR Cardinal RR - Red Red 7 IN STOCK

7NB Light Oak 7NB Light Oak NB - Natural Beige 7 IN STOCK

8N Driftwood 8N Driftwood N - Natural 8 IN STOCK

8GB Coastal Sand 8GB Coastal Sand GB - Gold Beige 8 IN STOCK

9C Pumpkin 9C Pumpkin C - Copper 9 IN STOCK

9N Oasis 9N Oasis N - Natural 9 IN STOCK

9G Macadamia 9G Macadamia G - Gold 9 IN STOCK

9V Juniper Berry 9V Juniper Berry V - Violet 9 IN STOCK

9BT Artic Avalanche 9BT Artic Avalanche BT - Blue Titanium 9 IN STOCK

9PB Petal 9PB Petal PB - Pink Blush 9 IN STOCK

9NB Satinwood 9NB Satinwood NB - Natural Beige 9 IN STOCK

9GB Sugar Sand 9GB Sugar Sand GB - Gold Beige 9 IN STOCK

Warm Balancer Warm Balancer Additive No Level IN STOCK

Cool Balancer Cool Balancer Additive No Level IN STOCK

PPD and Ammonia Free Demi-Permanent liquid haircolor system

-Over 30 perfectly pigmented shades that can be used on their own or mixed to create custom blends

-Complete gray coverage and color balancing

-Tone to refine color, create fashion tones, enhance or neutralize on pre-lightened hair

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